Wednesday, August 13, 2014

8 Great Weight Loss Tips

Do you know about the law of Thermodynamics? It’s very simple that if you want to lose extra weight, spend more calories than you take in. If you take more foods or calories than you burnt, extra pounds must be added to your body. So, isn’t it easy to lose weight? Just take less food in when you move around or work more. Is it all? The tips may be most profitable, but won’t work if you don’t follow them properly. Here are 8 great weight loss tips to reach your destination of losing extra pounds from your body and getting a lean smart body. Why not more than eight? Why not 10, 20 or even fifty weight loss tips? Just to make it simple so that you can follow easily. At first, you can follow the easiest one avoiding others. After few days, it will be a habit, and then try for the next weight loss tips one by one.

No.1. No diet: Don’t go for diet. It’s a long term and continuous process. Suppose you have lost few pounds by dieting, but one big meal can turn you to the back. You will be discouraged then. You should have a healthy body that lasts your lifetime. I don’t think also diets and diet books are not good. Know something about nutrition and apply it to your eating habit. At first, it may be difficult for you, make small changes then to full changes to your eating habit.

No.2. An easy but effective change for good health: Can you imagine how calories are you taking in just eating a simple soda can? A regular can carries about 160 calories. If you take two cans a day, you are taking more than 300 calories which add nearly a pound. But if you want, it’s very easy to cut out from your list. You can take fresh cold water instead of that soda can. We know that cold water is very healthy; it burns calories also at the time of your body heating up. You can burn extra about 100 calories just by taking the recommended 8 cups a day. You can drink more water. Don’t take any sugar containing liquid. Always try to cut out something from your unhealthy habit and replace by healthier ways.

No.3. Take a healthy breakfast: Usually we take very simple foods in the morning. But breakfast is the most essential meal of the day. As you don’t take food for a long time, your metabolism needs energy to continue in the morning. A good breakfast can increase your metabolic power. Eat food in the morning containing both protein and carbohydrates. Another reason is as you will start your work from the morning and continue it as you can, so you need lots of energy for the whole day to keep continue your jobs.  So take a very healthier breakfast to start your day.

No.4. Take few small meals than big meals: Take 4-6 smaller meals in lieu of 3 big meals. You can do this easily having breakfast, snack before lunch, lunch, evening snack and dinner. Don’t go for junk foods in the snack period, try to take fruits. For more meal numbers, your body will not starve metabolic power increase and have a good rhythm to fat burn.

No.5. Stress reduction: Stress response to our health reversely. Our body streams the harmful hormone cortisol due to stress that runs a physiological process contrary to weight loss. It stops other lean muscle building hormonal works and helps to store more pounds to your body. Try to do the works that help you to reduce stress. You can do your hobby, punching heavy bags, exercise, meditation, yoga etc.

No.6. Calorie determination: Everybody has a calorie intake limit to maintain a healthy body according to current weight, age, height. Determine yours how many calories you need daily and set a target how many you want to cut off. Then make a combination between calories intake and fat burnt how fewer calories you need to take daily. Here the calorie determination system is not an exact science but may be very close to that and effective also. Females may need perhaps 200 calories less and males may need 100 calories more. You can start with this process. Equations are as follows:

Daily calories required = Basal metabolic rate × Lifestyle factor

Basal metabolic rate = Body weight (pounds) × 10 (constant)

Lifestyle factor can be different for different types of people. For example, for office/sitting people it may be 1.4, for stuff service/moderately active people it may be 1.6, for athletes, labor/active people it may be 1.8. You can set a lifestyle factor also around these.

Suppose, your weight is 190 pounds and you are a job holder in any office, then calculate your daily calories need.

Basal metallic rate = 190 × 10 = 1900 calories

Daily calories required = 1900 × 1.4 = 2660 calories

It may not be exact but very close to this one. Now you can set up a weight loss target how many pounds you want to lose and within how many days. To lose 2lbs per week, you have to intake 1000 calories less daily. So, you need to take (2660-1000) = 1660 calories daily.

No.7. Calories intake record: Put down everything that you have eaten last three days along with it contains calories in a paper and spreadsheet. Then make an average to get your daily intake. This way you can know how many calories you are taking in daily and how many calories you need to take less daily to reach your target.

No.8. Walk more: You have no need to make any heroic movement. Just walk normally as more as you can. Give up elevator, use stairs; go to the store just by walk; walk to the park, river side or any fascinating place. You can take 3 short walks daily for an about 20 minutes each. This must help you to burn calories and lose weight.
Hopefully you will get a good output if you follow these great weight loss tips.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Some Painless Weight Loss Tips

Can you imagine about painless weight loss ways? Work out hard and get fat burnt, this is the theme of weight loss; you will hardly find pain-free tips for losing your extra pounds. Here are some tips; those are very effective; you have no need to put any heroic effort. Just you need to change some aspects of your lifestyle.

No.1. No skip meals and food subtraction: Don’t skip any meals rather than add meals and items to your list. One of the famous dietitians D. Grotto says “Adding is really works, taking away never does”.  But you should keep in mind that you should not exceed the total calories that you need daily by adding more food items. Add something important physically, not from the point of view of calories. You can add something healthy such as crunchy snow peas, juicy grapes, deep-red cherries, other fruits, veggies, sauces, soups, stews etc.

No.2. No working out: Forget about working out. Grotto tells "there's some truth to that”. He says also "the way good health feels knocks down the roadblocks that were preventing you from exercising in the first place." So discover the ways to burn calories. You can burn calories and get lean muscles by doing the followings- chasing the dog around the yard, grass skiing, washing the car, playing Frisbee, hiking, beach-combing, making snow angels, riding bikes etc.

No.3. Walk more: Diane Virginias, a certified nursing assistant from New York says “Walking when the weather's nice is a super-easy way to keep fit, I enjoy the seasons”. She also added “when I am short on time, I go out for a few minutes; even a five minute walk is a five minute walk." No open space by you? You can try the following tips also.
  •  Sign up for charity walks.
  •  Get out of the office building and enjoy walking meetings.
  •  Don’t get off the bus at the stoppage; get off the bus a few stops earlier.
  •  Stop using elevator; take the stairs every chance you get.
  •  Crank the music and get your heart rate up the next time you mop or vacuum.
  •  Hike the mall, being sure to hit all the levels.
  •  Trade your power mower for a push version.
  •  Don’t use leaf blower; sweep the drive or rake the leaves.
  •  Don’t park your in front; park it at the back of the lot.
A half an hour regular walk definitely will impact on your body to lose extra weight or you can walk two times a day for 10 minutes each. Hopefully, the above painless tips will help you to get a fit body.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Top 9 Weight Loss Tips for Extra Pounds off Forever

It’s really a big challenge to lose extra pounds forever and get a good health to keep you fit always. It’s really tough to keep concentration for a while. When you will lose your concentration, you will miss your goal of weight loss also. So it’s important to keep you motivated always and not to lose concentration. The below weight loss tips will be helpful for you to reach the destination that you want.

No.1. Target set up: It’s much needed to set up a target that how much extra pounds do you want to take off and how many days do you want to work out for that? Without this it will be very difficult for you. The target will help you to keep concentration as well as provide enthusiasm to work out hard and to fill up the target. If you can fill up your first target, it will be mind blowing for you and inspire to fill up the next target.

No.2. Stop weighing constantly: If you stop weighing, it will help you to keep concentration and reach the goal. As you weight fluctuates regularly, you will be frustrated to see that you have regained few pounds those you lost yesterday and you will be thinking of this mystery. You will be worried also that you will not get your extra pounds lost. So keep away weighing too much. Just work out regularly and keep concentration, you must get a result after few months.

No.3. Progress measurement: This measurement is how much inches you have lost from your chest, thigh, hip and waist. Take the measurements regularly after few days, it may be 2-3 weeks later and keep a record. When you notice your progress, you will be inspired more and keep motivated you working hard to fill up your weight loss targets.

No.4. No diet, just change lifestyle: Most people take diet, when they think to lose extra pounds. But unfortunately their body weights fluctuate much and at the end regain more weight from the beginning period of taking diet. But to lose weight, you must think about to change your lifestyle. It’s really difficult to start. So start with a very simple matter that you can resolve easily. You can start with drinking more water and taking smaller meals than big meals.

No.5. Dehydration recovery: For dehydration recovery, you must have to drink more water. It also helps to wash away the toxic and unwanted materials from your body. Drink more pure water, it may be more than 8 cups a day. If you are bored with the test of normal water, you can take a squeeze of lemon into. Avoid excess caffeine.

No.6. No meals to skip: Regular eating speed up your metabolism. But if you skip a meal or two, you will feel too much hungry and take a lot of food at a time. As a result, you are storing extra fat and weight, as your metabolism works slowly due to weakness for skipping meals. Prevent this making sure on regular eating.

No.7. Support group: If you have support, you get inspired to do anything although it seems difficult. For the weight loss, you can also find a supporting friend or group. Suppose your friend wants to lose weight and wants to work together with you, you can encourage yourself to make a goal set up and fill up. But if you don’t like a buddy, you can join an online support group or forum that provides different tips and encouragement.

No.8. Believe yourself: Don’t lose heart and keep in mind that you will win the race. Suppose, you have worked out last 3-4 months and the body is ready to reduce itself, but at that time if you think, it’s impossible for you to lose weight and don’t want to work out more. What will be then? You will get fatter. So, keep belief on yourself that you can do it and reach the destination.

No.9. Back on the weight loss horse: No one is perfect. You may not also reach your weight loss destination perfectly always. But working hard doesn’t make you failure; you will get the result once. If you think that something is creating problem, don’t go away from your track. Just move on and get back on the horse.
Hope, these 9 weight loss tips will keep you on the track of weight loss race and you will find a success.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

7 Best Weight Loss Tips Which Help to Speed Up Metabolism

Hi guys, are you in need to lose your unwanted pounds? These best weight loss tips will aid you to cut down your extra pounds and bring your body to an acceptable angle.

When your physical metabolism works smoothly with a great speed, your body fat burns a lot and you lose calorie, ultimately lose weight. So follow the weight loss tips which speed up your metabolism. You must have a target to achieve along with your fitness and nutrition plan. You can’t avoid any of your plans. You may have to change your lifestyle also. If you want to have a result applying these tips, it seems boring to take exercise regularly, just pass on gossiping, eating, watching TV, Taking snack midnight, sleeping more, definitely you will get zero figure in this exam of weight loss.

Are you ready to change your lifestyle and add these tips?

The biochemical process in your body is metabolism which helps your body to make a balance between calorie intake and burnt. So if you want to get rid of extra weight, you must have to speed up your metabolism. It also breaks down nutrients so that your body can consume it easily. A vast amount of calories spends and results in lean body to get rid of fat and excess weight.

We are having huge amount of cells in our body and they are ready always to use calories. But it does when you are agile; doing something or your body is not in a steady condition. If you are not active, they can’t do their activities and result in not so much burnt calories and adding fat and extra pounds to your body.

Let’s write about the best speed up metabolism weight loss tips.
No.1. Specific foods: Some foods specially make fast your metabolism. For example, spices create a thermodynamic burn and it lasts about 3-4 hours after it has been taken in the stomach.

No.2. Meals times: In the day, we remain engaged with different works, so our limbs and cells also work and try to catch the calories. Straightly to say, our metabolism speeds up,   so calories burnt a lot. You should keep in your mind that your day time meals should contain more calories and as the day goes on it should be less. Don’t keep away any meals. After evening meal, you should take small meal at night. As your body will be in rest, so your metabolism power will work slowly. Your meals should be 4-6 times everyday instead of 3 big meals.

No.3. Sufficient intake: Not eating enough is a great mistake. The people who want to lose weight, don’t want to intake enough food, take less food than that they need. They think if they take less food, it would be helpful for them to lose weight. They always want to go to a survival mode. It’s really one of the biggest mistakes. If you don’t eat enough food, how will your body get enough calories to continue your metabolism activities? Most of your calories will be spent for the weakness recovery that occurs due to starvation.

On the other hand, eating too many foods means intaking so many calories that stores as fat. If you don’t exercise regularly to burn extra calories, you must get fatter. So eating sufficient food is very important for a healthy life.

No.4. Complete your daily works: Doing your daily duties is very essential to stop fat storage and adding extra. It’s needed to include exercise to your daily activities. If you want to lose weight very fast, you have to burn more calories. When you will see that your muscle is turning into lean, you are burning more calories. Different medical reports say that morning exercise is very good for health. If you exercise just after you wake up, your limbs and cells get fresh and work fast. Your metabolism activities increase, so your fat burning ability increases also. So try to exercise early.

No.5. Warm up: You need to do warm up your muscles before any kind of weight lifting exercises, so that your muscles get energy for the hard work. At the time of exercise, you will burn around all the calories of your muscle. Actually you are burning fat cells during the work out period and ultimately getting a squished lean muscle as well as losing excess weight.

No.6. Work out change: You can include some exercises into your list and exclude some exercises from your list. This exchange can be after every two weeks. You can also increase the number of reps or sets for the exercise. This will help you to motivate yourself to do more things and to keep your mental consistency as well as increase your energy level.

No.7. Food value combination: You should have a good combination of food value in your meals. Eat a combination of protein and carbohydrate earlier in the day and take little or no carbohydrate in the afternoon and evening.  This time, you can take a combination of fat and protein.
These tips will help your metabolism to speed up and you will get more fat burnt and ultimately a lean figure. So keep it doing, you must get result.