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How To Lose Weight Fast : Top 26 Evidence-Based Ways To Lose Weight Fast

Lose Weight Fast
Most of us are suffering from excessive weight and doing crazy things to cut off getting advised from different sources; but not thinking about the evidence, as a result not getting expected result. Let’s share top 26 evidence – based weight loss tips; hopefully you will get the fruit if you follow these.

1. Water before Meals
It is true that water is very helpful to lose weight. But some studies show that it is more effective to drink water before meals. If you drink a half liter or two glasses of water before half an hour of meals, you will definitely eat fewer calories and lose 44% weight more. It also boosts up metabolism by 24-30% within 1 hour that also burns extra calories.

2. Eggs for Breakfast
According to some studies, if you eat eggs in breakfast, your hunger will take fewer calories for the next one and half days and you will lose weight and body fat. Other proteins also do the same, so eat them if you don’t eat eggs.

3. Black Coffee
According to some studies, caffeine in coffee boosts metabolism by 3-11% and burns fat up to 10-29%. It also contains some other health benefited antioxidants. But, sugar reflects the benefits of coffee, so make sure not to add a bunch of sugar.

4. Green Tea
According to some studies, green tea is very effective for weight loss. It contains catechins, powerful antioxidants and caffeine. Both catechins and caffeine work actively against fat and burn more.

5. Coconut Oil
Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides fats. According to some studies, these fats boost up metabolism by 120 calories a day, reduce appetite and ultimately help to eat 256 fewer calories per day.

6. Glucomannan Fiber
In some studies, Glucomannan is an effective fiber to make you feel full and eat fewer calories. It sits in the guts and absorbs water.

7. Remove away Added Sugar
Some studies show that you will be in risk of obesity and diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and others if you eat sugar containing foods. So, cut back on added sugar if you want to lose weight.

8. Less Refined Carbs
Different studies show that refined carbs lead to hunger, spike blood sugar rapidly. It tends to take foods few times within a few hours. But carbs with natural fiber are not bad, so make sure to eat them if you want not to remove away carbs.

9. Low Carb Diet
Various studies show that low carb diet loses weight 2-3 times and as standard as low fat diet. It also improves your health at the same time.

10. Use Smaller Plates
Some studies refer it as a trick to use smaller plates to eat fewer calories automatically.

11. Count Calories and Control Portion
Some studies show that if you take down in your diary what you eat and take pictures of your meals, it will help you to increase your awareness and eat healthy. Portion control also helps to eat same portion of foods.

12. Keep Healthy Foods Around
Don’t eat something unhealthy even at the time of excessive hunger. So, it’s better to keep some healthy foods around. You can keep baby carrots, fruits, yogurt, a hardboiled egg and a handful of nuts.

13. Brush after Dinner
If you brush your teeth right after dinner, you will not tend to take a late night snack.

14. Spicy Foods
Spicy foods boost metabolism and reduce appetite a bit. For example, Cayenne pepper which contains very effective Capsaicin to boost up metabolic power.

Lose Weight Fast
15. Take Aerobic Exercise
Aerobic exercise helps effectively to lose belly fat and the other unhealthy fats which build up around organs and cause metabolic disease.

16. Weights Lifting
Excessive diet causes muscle loss. It’s not better for health. To prevent muscle loss it’s better to take exercise and lift weights. Some studies show that exercises or lifting weights helps to acquire muscle that boosts metabolic power and burns fat.

17. Eat More Viscous Fiber
Fiber is very important for weight loss. Some studies show that viscous fiber increases satiety and controls weights over the long term.

18. Vegetables and Fruits
Fruits and vegetables contain low calories but rich fiber and also contains huge amount of water that gives them a low energy density. Lots of studies show that the people who eat healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables, are tempted to lose weight.

19. Chewing Slowly
Human brain takes a while to assume that how much food needs to eat. But, if you eat slowly with chewing, your brain can register it easily that the amount of food you need to eat. Some studies also show that the people, who chew foods with small bites, tend to weigh less.

20. Good Sleep
Different studies show that poor sleep tends 89% obesity risk in children and 55% for adults. So, get optimum sleep to have a good health and lose weight.

21. Food Addiction
Food addiction helps to weigh more. A recent study in 2014 on 196,211 individuals shows 19.9% of people fulfill the criteria for food addiction.

22. More Protein
Protein is called the best micro-nutrient in terms of weight loss. Several studies show that a high protein diet boosts metabolic power by 80-100 calories that helps to eat 441 fewer calories a day. Another study also shows that protein at 25% of calories reduces to cut the desire for late night snacking in half.

23. Whey Protein
A study showed that whey protein can lose weight 8 pounds as well as increase lean muscle mass, if anyone replaces a part of calories with whey protein.

24. No Sugary Soda and Fruit Juices
Liquid sugar is comparatively worse than solid sugar. It seems that liquid sugar is the most fattening aspect in modern diet. Different studies also show the bad effect of liquid sugar. One study shows that for each daily serving of sugar-sweetened beverages, it increases risk of obesity in children. Fruit juice contains a similar amount of sugar as a soft drink like coke and does the same as beverages. But the sugar from fruits is very healthy.

25. Eat Single Ingredient Foods
Some studies show that single ingredient foods are naturally filling and it’s very difficult to gain weight if the majority of your diet is based around them.

26. No Diet
Different studies show that if anyone loses weight by dieting, it doesn’t exist for a long time and gain more weight after a few years. So, don’t try to diet rather than eat healthy.

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