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How To Lose Weight Fast : Seven Proven Ways To Lose Weight Fast Without Counting Calories

Lose Weight Fast

Different health and nutrition organizations suggest eating less and moving more. This is wrong to assume that people gain or lose weight only due to calories transfer.

The truth is that various foods affect our physique differently and another one is that you can do lots of things to weight loss, even not counting a single calorie.

The following 7 ways are very effective which are proven on not counting calories.

Lose Weight Fast
1. Eat Eggs in the Morning

There are two different studies to show that if you eat eggs in the morning, you will lose fat without trying anything.

It was studied over 30 obese women to eat eggs for breakfast and got the same result. In another study, there were two groups of 152 obese people. One was eggs group and another was bagels group; both groups were in a weight loss diet. It was continued for 8 weeks and shown that the egg group was significantly ahead of the bagel group in losing weight.

The comparison result was that,
  • 16% more body fat reduction.
  • 61% more BMI reduction.
  • 65% more weight loss. It was 2 lbs for egg group and 1.3 lbs for bagel group.
  • 34% more reduction in waist circumference.

The weight loss difference may not be too much, but it is clear that if you change a meal, you will have at least a bit effect.

Another new study shows that the egg doesn’t raise your cholesterol level and heart diseases. You can prepare your cook also within a very short time, if you have no longer time. It will not take more than 10 minutes to prepare your breakfast with eggs and veggies. So it’s time saving also.

Lose Weight Fast
2. Use Smaller Plates

This is nature that when you will pick up a bigger plate to take foods, your brain will inspire you to pick more foods and eat. You will forget about your diet and consume more calories. But you can trick your brain by using smaller plates to feel more satisfied with fewer foods and calories. If it’s not possible, you can change your plate few days later and continue. One time, you will see that you are accustomed with smaller plate.

Lose Weight Fast
3. Eat More Protein

There are some strange thinking that if you eat protein your body will be fatten, protein leeches calcium from the bones and causes kidney disease.  This is completely wrong and science doesn’t support it.

Many studies show that protein is the best micro-nutrient. There is lots of evidence that protein boosts the body metabolism to increase fat burning and reduce hunger. Protein brings more calories in the body, which helps to digest fast that it makes carbs and fat.

In a study, it is shown that you’ll decrease 441 calories per day if you increase your protein to 30% of calories.

You can have muscle if you take protein. Muscle tissue is more active than any others even at rest; it burns a small amount of calories.

The best source of protein is animal foods like meat, eggs, fish etc.

Lose Weight Fast
4. Eat Low Calorie Containing Foods

Foods like vegetables and fruits contain high water content and low calorie. If you eat these types of foods, you’ll feel full for a longer time and will not be eager to take more foods. There is evidence that the people, who eat low calorie containing foods, lose weight more than the people who eat high calorie containing foods.

There was a study on two groups of women where one group ate low calorie containing soup and another group ate high calorie containing snack. The first group with low calorie containing soup lost 50% more weight than the second group.

Vegetables contain highly soluble fiber that can be broken down easily by bacteria in digestion and produce butyrate fatty acid which is a significant anti-obesity.

Lose Weight Fast
5. Cut Carbs

In a study on 53 obese females of two groups of low carb group and a calorie restricted low fat group showed the result in the graph:

The low fat calorie restricted group lost two times less weight than the low carb group. The low carb group lost 8.5 kg or 18.7 lbs of weight where the low fat calorie restricted group lost 3.9 kg or 8.6 lbs of weight. The major carb sources are sugars, sweets, sodas and starchy foods like pasta, potatoes, bread etc. So try to reduce these foods as much as you can.

If you want to lose weight fast, get started with the range of 100-150 gm; after that go for 50 gm that are very effective to weight loss concern.

It also other healthy effects like making your insulin level low, making the kidneys to start shedding excess sodium and water from the body.

Lose Weight Fast
6. Sleep Optimum and Avoid Stress

Both sleep and stress are incredibly important for the proper physical and hormonal functions. Short sleep risks for obesity 55% for the adults and 89% for the children. It also helps to increase the hunger hormones like ghrelin and leptin and weight gain tendency.

On the other side, excess stress increases the level of the belly fat increasing hormones cortisol. That’s why it is very important to have proper sleep and to control the stress level.

Lose Weight Fast
7. Replace Your Cooking Fats with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) which helps to reduce appetite and increase fat burning. These fatty acids go directly to the liver where they metabolize differently and use energy to turn into ketone bodies.

One study shows that eating this fatty acid 30 ml helps to reduce 256 calories a day and increases energy expenditure as high as 5%, causes significant reduction in BMI and waist circumference.

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