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How To Lose Weight Fast : Top 5 Tips To Lose Weight Fast Without Starving

Lose Weight Fast

It is true that if you want to lose weight, you have to leave more calories from your body than you take in the amount of calories. That same way, if you take in more calories than your body leaves, you must gain weight.

But it’s not a sustainable way to lose weight just cutting calories not considering the foods you eat. That’s why it’s highly needed to make some lifestyle changes to keep control calorie deficit for the long term and you will feel no starvation.

Let’s share five study based lifestyle changes that have proven result to lose weight.

Lose Weight Fast
1. Eat More Protein

Protein may be the best micro-nutrient, when it comes to weight loss concern. If you add protein to your diet, you will lose weight effectively with minimal effort.

According to some studies, protein supplies sufficient energy to reduce appetite as well as increase metabolic power. And another reason to lose weight that it’s required energy to metabolize protein; a high protein diet burns up to 80-100 calories a day.

Another study shows that you will eat 441 fewer calories automatically, if you increase your diet with 30% of protein calories. It also cut the desire by 50% for late-night snacking.

The dieter’s worst enemies are the cravings, protein also fights these. So, if you want to lose weight sustainably and permanently as well as to reduce weight regain, add protein considerably to your diet.

Lose Weight Fast
2. Avoid Sugary Soft Drinks

In modern diet, liquid sugar is seemed as the most fattening aspect. The liquid sugar is found in sodas, fruit juices, chocolate milk and beverages.

Our brain can register solid sugar easily, but fails totally for the liquid sugar. So, you can’t think that how much you are taking in.

Some studies show that for each regular serving children are increased to risk 60% to obesity and 55% for the adults. They have a showed a linkage between obesity and sugary drinks.

It also raises the risk of all sorts of diseases as well as drastically affects on metabolic health. You can meet up your sugary demand by eating fruit as the sugar from fruits is healthy. But you must have to avoid the liquid sugar got from the beverages. These products also have no physiological need.
So, make this simple change of avoiding liquid sugar to lose weight and keep you healthy.

Lose Weight Fast
3. Drink More Water
You can burn about 96 more calories a day if you drink 2 liters or 8 glasses of water daily. So, this simple trick of drinking water can increase weight loss significantly.

Drinking water both before and after eating is good for health. Another important thing is that if you drink water before meal, you will feel low hunger, take fewer foods and calories.

One study shows that, if you drink 2 glasses or a half liter of water before meals, you will lose 44% more weight in 12 weeks.

Green tea and coffee are also good for health and metabolism.

So, if you drink more water before meals and have a god diet, you will lose weight very fast.

Lose Weight Fast
4. Take Some Exercises

If you don’t take food or calorie for a long time, or take fewer calories, your body metabolic power is significantly reduced and it burns less. It also leads to lose muscle mass. But how can you prevent it? You don’t want to lose muscle, but gain weight loss, exercise is the best way to prevent it.

If you don’t get time to go to gym, then consider home gym or take some exercises at home like sits up, push up, squats etc. You can do some cardio exercises like jogging, swimming or walking. It can help for both weight loss and general health well-being.

Exercise boosts not only metabolic power, but also increases muscles. It also helps to have a longer life, lower risk of diseases. So, have more energy and better feeling every day.

Lose Weight Fast
5. Reduce Refined Carbs

According to some studies, a calorie restricted low-fat diet loses weight 2-3 times less than a low carb diet.

When you will eat low carb diet, your appetite will tend to go down and you will take fewer calories automatically. It also helps to control metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and many other benefits for health.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to go for low carb, and then go for quality fiber rich carbohydrates.

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